Justice Pivot

Episode count: 85 episodes

Episode Duration: 60 minutes

This series highlights the importance of family, loyalty, and relationships with parents and relatives, where honesty, love and sincerity must be the basis of our connections.  On the other hand, it also shows the destructive aspects of family disintegration that greed can yield with the ignorance and the divisions it causes.

Events and characters of this series:

This is the story of a large family that owns lots of land, fields, offices, and money. It takes place in the village of Tal Al-Ghar. Wahid, the patriarch of this family is a strong and faithful man who has five children: Amira, Salem, Amjad, Ramzi, and Adel. Adel, the youngest son, is a very calm man with a good heart. He and his wife, Samia, have a son named Aws, an educated young man who went to study medicine with his cousin Tima in Istanbul. His aunt Amira also lived in the city. When Tima and Aws graduated, they all returned to the village.

Young Aws was in love with his cousin, Tima, and when they returned to the village, Aws asked his parents to marry him to her. The parents were rejoiced and agreed, but when they went to ask for her hand, his uncle Amjad said he had promised her cousin Omran to marry her when they were young, and from here the problems began.

Salem is known to be duplicitous in this family, he does not wish good for anyone, greed and materialism consume his thoughts. He and his brother, Ramzi, planned on building a casino in the village on one of the properties they own.

Adel heard the news and didn’t agree to build the casino, so he went to stop his brothers, but they did not listen to him. Since the land belongs to their father, Wahid, and Adel has a share in the land, he asked his father to split their inheritance, after which, they can do whatever they want. The father agreed and divided the shares to avoid a fight, but the land on which they were going to build the casino turned out to be Adel’s share.

Of course, Salem and Ramzi did not approve of this, as well as Amjad, who is oblivious and incompetent. Amjad’s wife, Halima, and the sneaky Salem are the ones who control him.  

The three brothers wanted to get the land back from Adel, which led to a heated confrontation, during which, Ramzi pushed Adel’s wife, Samia, and she was rushed to the hospital, where her son Aws, tried and failed to save her.

The news was very tough on Adel. He tried to put his brother Ramzi in prison, but everyone testified that it was just an accident as Salem persuaded them to do so.

So, Adel decided to avenge his wife and villagers witnessed him holding his gun with his brother Ramzi lying on the ground. Adel went to prison; however, he told his son Aws that he was not guilty, but no one believed him. Imran, the son of Ramzi, decided to avenge his father and found it to be the right opportunity to keep Aws out of his way because he wanted to marry Tima. Imran tries to kill Aws and Aws attempts to prove his father’s innocence. Tima loves Aws and defends him.

Salem wants to get everything by any means – Amjad is helpless and spineless.

Wahid sees his children killing each other and has nothing on his side but patience. Halima is trying to marry her daughter, Tima, to Omran, and she wishes to separate the brothers from each other.

The young doctor, Aws, seeks to become the rock of this family and works with Tima to reunite everyone.

Can this doctor, with his patience, love, and persistence succeed in his attempts to save the much-needed family bond? let’s see.