Secrets Of Energy

Episode count: 40 episodes

Duration: 30 minutes

Nowadays, Energy is no longer a field of interest that is limited to specialists and decision makers, but it became a topic that draws everyone’s attention. The reason for this is the impact of energy in our life and the role it plays in supporting the economy. Energy is one of the main constituents of civilized societies, one that we need for conducting daily life, as it is used to operate factories, transportation, housewares, heating, lighting and many more uses.

In response to the growing global demand for energy, The depletion of traditional energy sources and environmental pollution, All countries should invest in renewable and clean energy and create new technologies to increase the efficiency of clean energy and reduce its high cost.

Secrets of Energy reveals the types of renewable energy, its importance, its economic feasibility and its benefits to the environment and society. It brings a change to the concept of alternative energy.

The documentary provides a detailed view of energy sources. It is designed to help the viewer understand the technology of renewable energy and assess its types, the ability to apply the emerging energy technologies and its role in the future.

The goals of the documentary:

Raising awareness about the use of renewable energy by individuals, societies and countries.
Take advantage of what the science has reached and the experiences that cost a lot of effort, time and money and start where they finished.
Simplify information and present it in a smart educational way that changes the concept of renewable energy.